Monitoring Puppet and Bacula

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Rescently I blogged about my CheckMK APT plugin, capable of checking for upgradeable packages.

Meanwhile I wrote two more plugins, both adopting existing checks and migrated all plugins into one single 'checkmk' repository over at GitHub.


This check adapts the idea of Bernhard Miklautz bacula-utils. The plugin will define four different services to be monitored on each Bacula server:


Checks the state of available backup volumes and will report critical, if errounos volumes are found. In case of an error, it will as well return the names of these volumes.

Use the bacula-clear-errvols script to resolve these issues.


Checks whether all clients have an associated backup within the last 30 hours.


Checks whether all clients have an associated full-backup.


Checks whether any volumes used for full-backups come from a full-backup pool.


The second plugin will monitor the status of the puppet agent. It integrates nicely with This script was initially written by TMZ from the Fedora Infrastructure Team and can be used to enable or disable the puppet agent on a specific host.

You are able to disable Puppet on a server, by running the following command:

 sudo puppetstatus -d "Interesting things are about to happen."

The monitoring system will change the state of the Puppet check to WARNING and will display this message and the username of the person who was disabling the agent.

When the agent is not disabled on a host, the check will just change to WARNING after 3 and to CRITICAL after 4 hours.

I'd be glad to get some feedback on my plugins, please report any bugs by sending me an e-mail or leave a comment below.

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